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Whether your home or office is in need of a cleaning, why do it yourself? Let our expert with years of experience do it for you. Classic Carpet Care offers carpet cleaning services in Leduc and surrounding areas. We service residential, commercial, and industrial customers. You can rely on our uniformed and professional technician to clean your carpets. We bring our own water source. The water we use to clean your carpeting is soft water and results in a more efficient cleaning. If you are not satisfied with our carpet cleaning and have any complaints, our technician will follow up and resolve it. Contact us to book an appointment now.

Our services include:

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Stain removal
Carpet and upholstery protectants
On-site area rug cleaning

6-Step Cleaning Process

The following 6 steps will be used to clean your carpet or upholstery. However, prior to our arriving at your home to clean, a pre-vacuuming is recommended to be done by the client. The client will also be requested to remove all small and breakable items out of the way prior to our arrival.

Step 1) Inspection: An assessment will be done on the type and condition of the carpet or upholstery material that you have along with the assessment of any stains.
Step 2) Pre-treatment: A pre-spray will be applied to the entire carpet or upholstery with a cleaning and/or deodorizer and/or disinfectant agent that is safe and biodegradable. We will move the furniture from side to side in the room while cleaning unless the client requests us only to clean the traffic areas of the room.
Step 3) Steam clean: Steam cleaning will be done with soft water and with a rinse of high steam heat that is 205 degrees to remove all cleaning agents, dirt and odours.
Step 4) Additional treatment: Treatment and removal of any stubborn stains that might exist.
Step 5) Protection: If requested, a carpet protective guard that protects carpet and upholstery from spills and makes blotting spills up easy can be applied.
Step 6) Grooming: The carpets will have final grooming with a carpet rake.

Important Client Education and Advise

Why “do-it-yourself” store-bought or rented portable carpet cleaners should not be used.

The person doing the carpet or upholstery cleaning should be educated on how to treat different fabrics, materials, and fibres so as to not cause any damage.
Store bought or rented portables do not have the suction power to remove dirt, stains, and water.
The water is not heated high enough and inferior unsafe cleaning chemicals are used.
When the cleaning chemical and the dirt are not suctioned out completely, the dirt goes to the bottom of the fibres and once it is dry, it leaves the carpets looking grey and dull, and feeling hard and crusty.
Carpets or upholstery that are left to wet cause the underpad to be soaked and unable to dry properly causing mold and mildew to grow.
If you experience a stain of any type, please do not make any attempt to clean it. Using the incorrect stain removal treatment will cause the stain to set making it much harder for us to get it out. Using an incorrect stain remover can also bleach the area causing permanent damage.

We use our latest equipment and high-quality cleaning agents that will clean your upholstery and flooring without causing any harm. Call us for more information.


We use high-quality cleaning agents and latest techniques to clean your carpets and upholsteries.

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